What Other People Say About See Through the Scriptures®


"...fits the bill perfectly."

See Through the Scriptures® provides an exciting biblical journey for Christians, both teenagers and adults. It also works extremely well as an introduction to the Christian faith for newcomers. You will take a tour from Creation to Christ, thanks to highly readable text and 81 illustrations — 41 in full color!

"I find that the See Through the Scriptures® course fits the bill perfectly for getting young adults into the Word. I have successfully used the video presentation, which not only stimulates lots of discussion, but also combats biblical illiteracy like nothing else I have used. See Through the Scriptures® is a great first step for students who have no background at all in the basics of the Christian faith. I have been a fan of Crossways International's materials long before I became a campus pastor. They have made me a better student of the Bible, and a better, more effective teacher."
The Rev. Lee Meyer

"This study is eye-catching, consistent, and easily interpreted. The materials are very clearly presented; they are informative and enlightening. My eyes have been opened. I have learned that I must show God's compassion by living compassionately. The story of God  is now easier to understand. I want to participate in more Bible study and 'listen' to what Scripture says -- not just read it."
STS One-Day Workshop participants

"What do I especially like about this course? The pictures–and the biblical overview helps my 7th grade confirmation students with their understanding of and ability to communicate their faith. I use it for class settings as well as one-on-one instruction." 
Pastor Mary Gilthvedt

"People are asking many challenging questions, which I enjoy immensely–and which lead to many in-depth discussions. People are anxious to hear about and study the broad brush and scope of the big picture of the Bible."
Pastor Jeffrey Jahn


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