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"These five days [Training Workshop ]were one of the most significant ventures I have ever had into the Scriptures —and I have four degrees: BA, STM, MDiv and DMin —all of which included Bible courses at Penn State, Yale and Lancaster Theological Seminary!"
The Rev. Dr. James Miller

“The Biblical Tell-Tale Time-Line lives out the UCC’s conviction of being a ‘servant in the service of others’. I’m using this very engaging time-line wall chart with 7th and 8th grade youth. It helps put the biblical stories together into a meaningful narrative."
Georgeanne Bennett, Coordinator for Children & Youth

"Our plan here at St. John's Harrold is to have a 'biblical church.' To do so, we need to be in the Word and I find Crossways International's materials to be the best door on the market to get into that Word! Crossways International's materials have surely turned us around to go in a biblical direction. Thank you, Dr. Wendt."
The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Deneke

"I've searched for ten years to find a resource I could use in our congregation. Dr. Wendt's Crossways is the answer! It has brought the Scriptures to the center of our members' lives. And now, the revised materials, the improved video and charts make it very 'user-friendly.' We are going through The Divine Drama® unit by unit, and three out of the seven in the group will be leaders for other groups. It has been terrific and we can never get enough."
The Rev. Martha Kriebel

"“People very eagerly sign up for a Bible study when they learn that a Crossways International resource will be used. Why? Because people know the class will be a wonderful biblical narrative learning experience! Crossways International materials are the most exciting approach to Bible study that I ever encountered in my 30-plus years of ministry!”
Rev. Julian Hall


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