Wow! This is Different.

Welcome to the new Crossways International website! It looks and feels different—because it is. We’ve made some changes that make our website easier to navigate, manage and read on any device. We’ve also designed our site to reach out to a younger audience, many of whom may (or may not) attend church, but who are seeking deeper meaning in their lives.

Despite these changes, there are still a lot of things on our site that you will recognize.

All of our core courses (Crossways®, The Divine Drama®, See Through the Scriptures®, The Bible’s Big Story and our Topical Short Courses) are still available for purchase in hard copy. You will also continue to find titles by Dr. Ken Bailey and various study Bibles on our web store.

Our website may have changed, but we at Crossways International are still very much dedicated to our core mission—to reach, teach and transform lives worldwide with the Good News of God’s love. God calls us to love and serve Him through our service to each other. Let us not forget Whom it is that we serve!

Thank you for your past, present and continued support of Crossways International! We’ve only just begun!