May Update

Dear Friends and Supporters of Crossways: The biggest news for me this month has been the moving of my household from Minnesota to North Carolina. Graham, NC is where the Sola Publishing facility is located. It is where we moved the Crossways inventory last year as Sola undertook the stewardship of Harry Wendt’s Bible studies. I was on site when the products moved, and now I am working out of our main office. One of the benefits of being on site will be to have direct contact with staff and customers, as well as to the materials themselves. There are still some products were not added to our online store — including smaller Crossways items (cards, etc.) as well some of the books Harry recommended that were on the old Crossways site. We will now be making these products available as well.

As congregations begin to get back to “normal” after months of quarantine, I pray that there will be a renewed emphasis on the study of God’s Word. If there is any way Sola can help in making that happen, please let me know. – Pastor Steven E. King