June Update

As we enter into the summer, now is the time that many begin planning their education programs for the coming school year — only two-and-a-half months away! After a year of not being able to get together easily, things are beginning to open up. This is a great opportunity to recommit to regular Bible Study and gatherings around the Word. Have you considered starting up the original Crossways series? Sola Publishing has now made available the full series “Complete Student Package” at a special price of 20% off! Go HERE for more information or to order.

Some are intimidated by the thought of a six-section Bible Study over course of two years, but no one says you have to cover the whole series in succession. Perhaps you might want to simply pick one of the six parts and focus on a particular section of Scripture. Here how the sections break down:

Section 1: From Creation to the Transjordan
Section 2: From the Conquest to the Babylonian Exile
Section 3: The Pre-Exilic and Exilic Prophets
Section 4: The Post-Exilic Period and Judaism
Section 5: The Gospels and Acts
Section 6: The Letters and Revelation