Get Ready for Fall!

Getting Ready for Bible Study in the fall? Sola Publishing is now offering a special introductory sale of 20% off on the original Crossways series! Over the course of six sections in sixty lessons, this series covers the entire Bible in detail, helping participants understand the overarching story of Scripture.

Crossways Complete Student Package (H-1001): This special package offer contains a copy of each student manual and workbook in the Crossways® Original Series (12 books total). The package price of $104.95 represents a savings of 20% off the price of these same books purchased seperately!

Crossways Complete Video Series (H-1030): Sola is offering the complete boxed set of six DVDs (Section 1-6) of the Crossways® Original Series at $159.95, which is 20% off the normal retail price. Taught by Dr. Harry Wendy himself, the videos may be used to prepare leaders to teach the course, or be used directly as a presentation in class.

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