September Update

This month we reach a significant milestone in the relationship between Sola Publishing and Crossways International. It was a year ago that we moved the Crossways inventory from Texas to North Carolina. At that time, we had to rent two large storage units just to receive all the materials. Over the past year, we have rearranged and reorganized the Sola Publishing facility in order to have the whole inventory on site. After about six months, we were able to whittle things down to one unit. I am pleased to report that as of today (September 2nd), we have moved all the boxes from the second storage unit!

(I realize that this probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to anyone outside the Sola staff, but for all those who helped us move the materials last year, you know this is a major accomplishment! Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed!)

All the Crossways materials are now in the main Sola facility, organized, with easy access to ship and send.