January Update

As we move into a new year, we give thanks for all the good gifts that we have received from God, as well as the promise of his gracious provision in the year ahead. I was very happy with the turn out we had in Advent for the Crossways’ series: “Christmas: the Real Story.” It was good to have new faces be a part of Sola Publishing’s online study group.

Just to let you know, Sola will be hosting another study coming soon in Lent. Written by Dr. Harry Wendt, this six-week series is titled: “The Road to Coronation.” The tentative dates for the study will be March 7th through April 11th (i.e. all 6 Mondays during Lent.)  We will be using Zoom and I will be teaching the class. Look for more information to be coming soon!

In the meantime, participants can order the student books for the series. Here is the direct link to our online store: https://www.solapublishing.com/road-to-coronation–student_H-4601

Rev. Dr. Steven King, Managing Editor – Sola Publishing