Our Courses

Bible Overview Courses
As the foundation of our curriculum, the Crossways family of Bible Studies features four Bible survey courses of varying lengths and teaching levels that trace the storyline that runs through the entire Bible. All make use of pictoral teaching graphics to engage students in lessons and provide images for the memory, so that participants can retain what they have learned and incorparate it into everyday life:

The Bible’s Big Story: Our Story — a great start to get to know your Bible! (1-3 classes)

See Through the Scriptures® — ideal for overview (6-12 units)

The Divine Drama® —intermediate level (30 units; one academic year)

Crossways® Original Series — in-depth study (60 units; two academic years)

Topical Short Courses
In addition to our Bible Overview series, the Crossways family of Bible Studies offers six Topical Short Courses that focus on a particular subject or theme. These studies are meant to help participants in their Christian faith and discipleship:

An Apostles’ Creed for the New Millennium — An analysis of the ancient Creed, and its message to God’s people today (4 units)

Christmas the Real Story — Great for Advent, exploring the narratives in Matthew and Luke, and draws on Middle Eastern cultural insights to make people more aware of the real Christmas story (4 units)

In Heaven’s Name, Why on Earth? — Perfect for studying about stewardship and life management (3 units)

The Parables of Jesus — Focuses on 11 of Jesus’ parables recorded in Luke’s Gospel, drawing upon Middle Eastern cultural insights to enrich our understanding of their message (10 units)

Praying Like Jesus the Messiah — A study of Jesus’ redefinition, focus and practice of prayer (5 units)

Road to Coronation — Perfect study for Lent, analyzes the Passion narrative in each of the four Gospels (6 units)