Who We Are

In 1979, the Rev. Dr. Harry N. Wendt established Crossways International® (CI), a leading Christ-centered, non-denominational ministry that promotes Bible study worldwide. A Lutheran pastor from Australia, Dr. Wendt recognized that the comprehensive message of the Old and New Testaments was not being taught or understood—even in seminaries. With the assistance of illustrator Knarelle Beard, Dr. Wendt set out to illustrate and teach God’s “Big Story” to thousands in over 60 countries. Clearly written and illustrated, our materials help bring the full biblical narrative together in a way that is truly transformational.

Big-Picture Survey Method

If pictures are worth a thousand words, you find a rich library in our materials. Our vivid color illustrations communicate the Bible’s narrative and themes that cut across all barriers—including age, language, culture or denomination. Crossways International is truly for everyone! Our Christ-centered, biblical overview (or “survey”) method bridges the Old and New Testaments in a unifying manner while digging deep into the narrative—from Genesis to Revelation.

Biblical Context

Our materials are solidly based on the Bible. Our materials contain thorough biblical, historical, and cultural insights that convey the message of the Bible with fresh meaning and personal relevance for people today. Crossways resources reach, teach, and transform lives with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Discover it for yourself—and share it with your friends!